A weak voice is a symptom of heart failure.

abstract abstract expressionism abstract painting acrylic

I tried to say
important things
like ‘I love you’
and ‘I’m sorry’
but they came out
and I just let it happen,
let them splatter
like droplets,
like shattered teeth
spat in the sink.

© Nancy Botta, 2019


11 thoughts on “A weak voice is a symptom of heart failure.

  1. So often friendships and relationships struggle when we find it hard to express our feelings. Sometimes this is shyness, sometimes being nervous, and sometimes because you are unsure of the response 🙂 A good post to provoke thought 🙂

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  2. Raheema F.K. Muhammad says:

    Beautifully dark imagery. I enjoyed this piece. I could really feel this piece. It looks like something I’d find on another site I’ve been inhabiting (darkpoetry.org). I’ll admit, there’s always been that bit of me more attracted to shadows than sunlight. This is definitely a shadow. With teeth, and blood, and claws that dig into your heart and hold on. Thanks for sharing.

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