Suburban Aviary.

YogaFit at the gym,
she preens in the studio mirrors,
ruffling and smoothing her hair back
before she swoops into swan pose.

She pecks at the granola
and blankly stares out
the floor to ceiling windows
in her open concept kitchen.

An errant feather
from the duvet
floats past an empty wine bottle.

She sharpens
her fingernails into talons
before her husband
can belch and lumber
his way into bed.

The owl calls,
and everything in her body
is screeching for flight.

©Nancy Botta, 2018


16 thoughts on “Suburban Aviary.

  1. Coyote from Orion says:

    I think they call it the left hand path of yoga. They actually exclude a lot of people helping others and upholding the truth. Monetization I guess.
    Plenty of people in 12 step programs also not walking their talk.


  2. I like the suffocating mood you create here. But maybe crow pose would be more apt since swans represent longevity (supposedly mating for life) and rising out of suffering, which your character sounds as if she is very much still in and all the swan poses in the world aren’t going to change that fact. Anyway, great read.

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  3. There is a reason why suburbia is a hotbed for subdued alcoholism and drug use. The relentless isolation and the pretty trappings being a gilded cage pretty much ensure a deep-seated depression no matter which way you look at it.

    You illustrate that perfectly. I loved the idea of an “aviary” and using birds to reflect the moods throughout the day. Incredible work.

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